Why People Choose Us

Our Mission

Dr. Sletten understands that, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” His mission to you is simple: He will treat you as he would his own family. He will provide you with the finest and most advanced specialty orthodontic care available.

Our Doctor

Dr. Sletten is not just an orthodontic specialist who is a great tooth movers, he's a great person. His friendly and upbeat personality shows that his attention to detail is not only focused on teeth, but on building lasting relationships as well. His constant pursuit in continuing education and becoming an expert with the latest advances in orthodontic technology has led to his reputation for excellence.

Caring Staff

Our staff is caring, highly trained, and professional. They are dedicated to making your experience with us a relaxed and enjoyable one. Each member of our team is personally devoted to exceeding your expectations.

AEO/Roth Williams Advanced Training

Drs. Sletten understands that orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth. He understand that healthy jaw joints and muscles are the foundation for maintaining a smile that will provide a lifetime of health, comfort and confidence.

Shorter Treatment Time through Advanced SureSmile® Technology

We are proud to utilize SureSmile® technology in our office. This state-of-the-art technology yields enhanced patient comfort, fewer trips to the office and shorter treatment times. Through 3-D imaging and customizing each patient’s arch wires, the SureSmile system gives Dr. Sletten more control to precisely configure your treatment plan. The Shape Memory alloy wires used in the SureSmile design are more effective than the traditional arch wires used in conventional braces, allowing for less discomfort, and treatment times are reduced by up to 40% on average.

Pain-Free Payment Plans

At Sletten & Brettin Orthodontics, we have broken down the restrictive barriers of the orthodontic fee. Our payment plans include easy, monthly, interest-free payments; no-money-down payments; extended payment plans through third-party financing; and discount courtesies for families with more than one member in treatment. Click here to learn more about your payment options.